Comer Indicted for Embezzlement

Michael ComerFormer Glenmore treasurer Michael Comer has been indicted on charges of embezzling from them. You’ll remember that Comer went missing in July, it quickly emerged that he was dodging an audit of the community association’s finances, and a few weeks later he was arrested at Wintergreen, looking like something the cat dragged in. Glenmore wasn’t interested in pressing charges, which would have been a clear instance of the good-ol’-boy network at work, but the FBI and Albemarle Police Department got involved anyhow. Comer was indicted on five charges of embezzlement, and the case will be taken up in the new year.

9 thoughts on “Comer Indicted for Embezzlement”

  1. Shoot. Well, I’m completely unqualified to be a member but the benefits sound fantastic. I wonder if they would make an exception for an atheist hermaphrodite born into abject poverty in a former Soviet Republic with no formal education to speak of. Or is there another network I might consider?

  2. So Periello is part of the good ol’boy network?
    good to know!

    Actually I thought that attending STAB just made you entitled preppy scum ;)

  3. Donate a carton of cigarettes to his defense fund. I understand those are like money in the pen.

  4. STAB is just another school. It is expensive but there are also lots of kids on financial aid there.

    Cromer being a screwup and a crook isn’t anything about a school, besides I haven’t seen anything suggesting he went there.

    Even so, I’m sure plenty of criminals have come from the local public schools as well. Say for instance the highway shooters of a couple years ago.

  5. there may be kids on financial aid there, but STAB is not just another school. if it were, the parents wouldn’t be sending their kids there.

  6. I have lots of friends who went to STAB. I don’t have anything against the place. The question was, what makes for membership in the “good ol’ boy network,” as I referred to here. I’ll tell you, they didn’t go to Tandem. :)

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