London Named Coach of the Cavaliers

Well, that didn’t take long: UVA named Mike London as the new head coach for the football program today. After just two seasons as University of Richmond’s head coach, the former UVA defense coordinator is back again. The 49-year-old one-time college football player is certainly popular among players who studied under him, who had lots of nice things to say about him. In his remarks, he emphasized the importance of academics, and asked fans to come back into the fold.

4 thoughts on “London Named Coach of the Cavaliers”

  1. A post that is like catnip to me. My prediction: Mike London will do just fine (will win more than AG, but we’re not going to see 10-win seasons). Many fans, however, will give him no time to establish himself and build a program before they start calling for his head.

    Honestly, I think there are people out there who seriously believe (a) that Virginia football’s problems would be solved if only we could hire and Urban Meyer, and (b) that an Urban Meyer would ever want to come here.

  2. I think you are quite right Cecil, it might be as much a case of who the new President is and his view of athletics as it of anything else. I really don’t care if we are ever the National champion. Look at Tennessee- they have huge crowds, lots of money and they were 5-7 and 7-5 for the last two years.

    I not sure it is worth changing the culture at Virginia enough to be a football power. I rather be great at basketball any way.

  3. the new president is not going to be a gung-ho football guy. he’ll be more like Casteen than not. the powers that have the most influence on the next president are not the same camp of alumni and supporters who want UVa to be a perennial competitor for a national football championships. they might look like the same people, but it’s really two different sets of super rich white men.

    i’m just asserting, of course, but i think i’m right. people who want Big Football do not understand the level of the obsession with the Ivy-like elements of UVa, the traditions, the academic orientation, the caliber of the faculty, the honor code, the exclusivity that comes from all that…it’s really intense. becoming a major football school just doesn’t mesh with those elements, and those powers are not going to budge.

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