Hip-Hop Homage to the Downtown Mall

There’s a YouTube trend of filming so-bad-they’re-good self-parodying hip-hop homages to one’s hometown. (See Arlington: The Rap, which I think was the first one, or River City.) They’re all done in the style of Lazy Sunday (Chronicles of Narnia), the crazy-popular SNL short that convinced NBC to put stuff online. With that essential context establish: Emily Bolecek and Arin Noble are tossing Charlottesville into the mix with five minutes of props to the Downtown Mall.

11 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Homage to the Downtown Mall”

  1. 5 minutes I will never get back. Actually 3 because I couldn’t make it all the way through.

  2. Yeah, I agree…no street cred. Also, don’t forget your platinum card when coming to the D.T. Mall. You’ll need it.

  3. I don’t think the point was to have street cred. Their outfits, dancing, and lyrics clearly show this was supposed to be goofy. Lighten up, laugh a little. This video is hilarious!

  4. duuude this is so cool dude, mad props to da producers, whoeva thought a that shiz is mad cool wit me. dat grrl arin o wahteva is fine too mm, i like dem glasses on the real. im bout to hit up dat maul right bout now 2 PEACE

  5. Aw, it’s by students. I think it’s cute.

    I’d love to see what some of our local musicians could put together. The Arlington rap was hilarious and River City was pretty good, too. With the talent we have in Charlottesville, I bet someone could top them both.

  6. Yeah, me too. I salute anyone who can put themselves out there with a creative idea. So you go girls!

  7. Hey Cecil take the stick out of your butt and listen up! this beat could make millions but these girls decided to let you listen instead, so shut the trap and enjoy cvillenews.com like im sure your always doing you no good piece of internet junky trash. :)

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