Glenmore Pres. May Be Dodging Audit

Missing Glenmore president Michael Comer may be dodging an audit of Glenmore’s finances, or so it appears based on Kim Saltmarsh’s coverage at NBC 29. Prior to serving as president, Comer was the country club’s treasurer. You wouldn’t think that would put much money in play, but they’ve got an annual budget of $700,000. According to a press release from Glenmore, Comer had a meeting scheduled with a couple of board members to talk about why he hadn’t made all necessary financial data available to an auditor—that was the day that he disappeared. Right now Glenmore is only saying that “sufficient funds are available to continue normal operations and maintenance,” rather than saying that no money is missing. They’re in the midst of the first-ever audit of their finances (which is surprising for a $700k organization).

Obviously the suspicion here—which nobody wants to voice directly—is that Comer was skimming off the top; the audit was going to reveal theft, so he split town, presumably with a big chunk of Glenmore’s change. That’s nothing more than speculation, of course, with solely circumstantial evidence. But that’s bound to be where the investigation goes from here.

07/07 Update: As folks have brought up in the discussion, Glenmore the country club is a different legal and financial entity than Glenmore the homeowners association. Hawes Spencer explains the relationship in The Hook, but the important bit is that Comer is (was) involved with both.

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