6 thoughts on “VDOT Abandons Idea for Eastern Albemarle Connector”

  1. Anyone who attributes to VDOT a skill for road planning doesn’t know VDOT.

    They are experts at crossing chasms, preparing a surface and paving it, and repairing them when roads and bridges break. They are civil engineers with a staff of trained labor.

    They have none of the education, background, or skills needed to plan roads, only to site them after others do the planning.

    That does not stop them from meddling in the planning process and displaying their shortcomings. Maybe they do it to amuse us, or to show they are human, despite having learned technical skills superior to most of us.

  2. VDOT has also removed the proposal(s) to extend Leonard Sandridge Road from the Route 29 corridor study :).

  3. @Fred C. Dobbs
    Curious, who are the people who plan roads? It seems around here its usually Supervisor Rooker.

  4. Too bad. This was the only realistic solution left since Albemarle AND Greene won’t control growth on 29N.

    Of course, no one will allow growth on 29 south of town or anywhere near Keswick, Farmington, etc since money lives there

  5. With growth occuring and will continue to occur between Zion Crossroads and Short Pump, a lot of the traffic headed in this direction from Culpeper will start traveling along Rt. 15 because that segment of 250-E will be their destination. That poposed segment between Rt. 15 and 250-E will be unnecessary in 20 years.

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