17 thoughts on “First They Came for Our Sweaters, But I Said Nothing”

  1. Of course a fox stealing a sweater is the headline. Nothing is happening nationally or internationally. No political debates, no wars, no record federal deficit.

    Nothing for liberals nor conservatives nor libertarians to read about. The DP may as well write about a fox or about squirrels.

  2. My favorite quote:

    “People should let wildlife go its own way,” said Ed Clark, director of the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro. “There’s also no way to be sure that a fox that’s trapped in the area is the fox that was acting aggressive, unless it’s wearing the sweater.”

  3. was it a red sweater? Could have thought it was a relative or something

  4. That fox is a thug. Mark my words, it’ll be an iPod or laptop next time. These things always escalate.

  5. Yeah, nothing is happening. The Ex-pastor pleads guilty in porn case story, that’s not news at all.

  6. Hey, don’t forget our story about the eagle.

    I will look at the numbers on Monday, but I am willing to bet one of those three animal stories will have higher metrics than the harder news stories this week.

    In fact, the fox story is already trending at the top of the most read stories widget.

  7. I actually think coverage of stories related to wildlife is newsworthy. Not all the news should be about just pervert preists and murderers. Besides, bald eagles only returned to Albemarle fairly recently (15 years or so?), so stories about them are still worthwhile; however, I’d prefer far more coverage of our other local rare species, including how they may be impacted by global warming and land use policies.

    I totally agree though with Voice of Realities suggestion about the zombies. Matthew, you should make a point on April 1st to slip in a story with zombies in it somewhere, just to see if anyone notices.

  8. As much as I’ve mocked the DP at times, they are still responsible for my favorite story ever: the missing giant weiner, and use of the word “slathering.” (Not linked here because I don’t know how to do that fancy-style linkage.)

  9. Newspapers using those metric tools is one of their downfalls. Short-term, stupid stories get more hits. Long-term, the newspaper looks stupid. At that point, people have no reason to prefer the newspaper to other stupid sites, since the smart stories have been buried further down and off the main page. Most of the major papers are going this direction and it is not helping the business.

  10. I see no problem with a story warning the community of rabid animals. Haven’t people been complaining(and correctly) about the shortage of local stories in the DP? Though maybe it didnt need to go above the fold.

  11. The Progress prefers to emphasize local stories on the front page, assuming (probably correctly) that nobody is going to buy the local paper for reprints of national stories that can be found online in multiple places for free. We could debate the newsworthiness of the klepto fox all day, but having entertaining fluff above the fold once in awhile is a welcome change from headlines about dredging, taxes, murder charges, angry town hall meetings, etc., IMHO.

  12. A possibly rabid animal is running loose and attacking people. How does this get to be “entertaining fluff”?

  13. the Fox is reported lurking around Lambeth Commons, right outside of the WTJU studio. I do a late night radio show, and I see that fox almost EVERY SINGLE WEEK as I leave the station at 3:30am.

    It’s never acted aggressively towards me, though. One of my friends suggested “maybe it’s mad the students are back in town?” Heck, I’M mad the students are back in town. But I’ve only bitten ONE of them, and I didn’t get away with stealing the sweater.

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