The First Area 3G Tower

Ladies and gentlemen, we have 3G.  #

7 Responses to “The First Area 3G Tower”

  • perlogik says:

    About time,

  • Jeff Uphoff says:


    I miss TDMA.

  • FlyingRoadstar says:

    Hasn’t Sprint had 3G in Charlottesville for over a year? I might be wrong, all the different acronyms can be confusing.

    But I think the news today is that *AT&T* (and, therefore, iPhone users) finally has 3G in Charlottesville, but not that Charlottesville has 3G.

  • fdr says:

    Yeah, I’ve been using Sprint 3G (EVDO RevA) for a couple of years here now. Richmond had it 3 years ago and you can now get it in Greene and Orange as well.

    This is just the DP pushing an advertisement for ATT and Apple under the guise of news. I bet there will be some large ads for ATT in the DP over the next few days.

  • To be fair, the iPhone really is used very differently than other other mobile telephony-enabled computing device. AT&T customers rack up much greater sums of data transferred to their phones, because iPhones are designed to do significantly more than be used as phones, and because they’re so popular. There wasn’t much interest when Sprint got 3G service in town, because there are comparatively few customers to whom that will make any kind of a meaningful difference.

  • FlyingRoadstar says:

    The iPhone is unique, that’s true. I can’t claim to use my BlackBerry the same way I would an iPhone. I can be an Apple-hater and say that’s because I do things like tether my laptop to my BlackBerry, which you can’t do with an iPhone, but I won’t :)

    (I know, I know … You can tether the iPhone with a no-longer-Steve-Jobs-approved app or a hack.)

    Just to be clear, I’m not an Apple-hater. I took a 12-step program for that years ago, and I’m fine, really I am. :)

  • fdr says:

    stiil, ATT is not the first, not even close yet the DP just prints a corp PR piece

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