3 thoughts on “My Dog is Doing OK, Too”

  1. Will someone PLEASE think of the possums???!!!

    Seriously though, I kinda liked that a merry band of people tried to rescue the bird. Just feel that the story was a bit too anticlimactic to make it onto the news. Sorry 29. If only there had been some zombies involved somehow…

  2. Speaking of birds, the Rockfish Gap Hawkwatch at the Inn of Afton Mountain has started and they need volunteers. Volunteer counters and watchers are especially needed on weekdays.
    The hawkwatch has been running every fall for 34 years and there is some concern that it may have to fold due to lack of volunteers. Many of the original founders are passed away or no longer able to do it.
    Be a great way to introduce young people to the Great Outdoors. They also observe and note other migrating birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and anything else of interest.

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