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  1. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed that the Obamas went to the Virginian. While the Virginian is itself a fine restaurant, Charlottesville has so much more to offer in terms of the culinary experience. I hope that the next time the Obamas come to the ‘ville, they put more thought into their restaurant choice.

  2. I have to admit that I am a little thrilled that the Obamas went to the Virginian. While the Virginian might seem “boring” or “mundane” to some fine dining types, I think it is perfect choice for anyone visiting Monticello and then swinging into town for a bite to eat on the Corner.

    Some humans may prefer to have a nice relaxed visit to a new place and pop into a local restaurant without worrying about having a “culinary experience”. I imagine they were hungry and maybe even in a bit of a hurry to get home.

    In addition, I would never turn down a meal at the Virginian – ever.

  3. Have we all met the requirement to puke at the Channel 29 editor’s statement that Arch’s is “a Charlottesville tradition?”

    The place is less than a year old. You can be forgiven if you never heard of it. The TV reporter has no clue what “tradition” means.

    To me the most annoying thing about weightless media markets like Charlottesville is the financial requirement that news be run on the cheap with naive, inexperienced newcomers.

    Having competition between TV stations hasn’t improved news professionalism one visible iota.

    One wonders if the city would continue to have one-party rule if the people gathering news in this town each had ten year’s experience, rather than ten weeks or ten months.

    It’s only a coincidence, but Democratic domination of city politics began after The Daily Progress lost – in one year – all its reporters and editors. Prior to that the parties had a semblance of balance. In the late 60s the GOP had a majority of city council. (We put a stop to that. See my memoirs.) In ’71 the Prog lost its newsroom, and the GOP hasn’t been able to put more than two candidates on council at a time.

    For which, IMO as a Democrat, we can all rejoice. Still, I like a robust multi-party system. What Charlottesville has is more in line with a pre-Gorby Russian city than an American one.

  4. The Arch’s location on Emmet Street may be a newbie but Arch’s has been in Charlottesville since 1991. In addition, I do believe it is a locally owned/family business and the owners are involved in the community in many positive ways.

    The fact that the Obamas came to town really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with politics or the media or the fact that the city is dominated by Democrats. I think it is a simple story about some famous people (who happen to be part of a political family) who visited a historically important landmark and had a meal.

  5. Thank you, lisa, for the correction regarding Arch’s. I was unaware it has other locations beside Rt. 29.

  6. The TV reporter seems to have a clue what “tradition” means. Reybo, can you be forgiven for yammering on about one-party rule when you’re so quick to jump down the throat of someone else who actually does know what they’re talking about? It speaks ill of your credibility…

  7. Arch’s sells ice cream. They’ve always had a store out towards Ivy (next to Sneak Reviews) but they now have a new location on 29 as well.

    Also, on the choice of the Virginian … YOU trying rolling into a town you’ve been to for exactly 3 hours and figure out the best place to get lunch. The Virginian is not a bad choice, considering.

  8. Arch’s sell frozen yogurt. They were previously located on the Corner, are locally owned and operated by nice people, and are deservedly successful. Additionally, I’ve rarely seen folks take as much care w/ the design process as they did during the lengthy planning for their new location on 29, so kudos for that.

    Re Reybo above– WTF is going on with all the knee-jerk attacks against locals I’m seeing lately on this blog and others (good example being the spastic suspicion against the local food hub folks). Is it just for the sake of being contrary, or does it serve some purpose? At least try to check your facts before you start slinging your crap everywhere… Heck, I can understand mistrusting politicians, etc. But this is the First Lady and her children eating some frozen yogurt during a pleasant day-trip to Charlottesville, not an evil plot by a news reporter that needs to be uncovered by intrepid viewers. OMG, what if they had sprinkles too? What does that say about City Council?!

  9. Regarding Arch’s, they really did build a very nice location on 29. The construction itself, plus the building’s frontward sighting on the lot, is exactly what we need more of. They’re a model for other businesses on that corridor.

    Regarding Rey, I’ve known him half my life. Rey ran a popular local BBS in the 90s that hosted discussions very much like what we have here on cvillenews.com that served as a model for me. Rey’s a curmegeon, exactly the kind of curmegeon I’ll be in 40 years. :)

  10. “They’re a model for other businesses on that corridor.” Actually, it’s been zoned that way since 2003. It is an entrance corridor so, not only does the Planning Commission gets to weigh in on the siting, the Board of Architectural Review has pretty much veto over the design.
    As for reybo, I have found his comments interesting, informative and sometimes entertaining.
    It sounds perfectly reasonable to me to ask why would a reporter in a news article rather than in an ad, bother to refer to Arch’es as a “Charlottesville tradition” Which is his opinion. Probably “a well-established locally-owned ice cream shop” would have been more accurate. Unfortunately, today we are assaulted in our “news articles” with the writer’s editorial opinions all to often.

  11. Thanks Reybo – I really like “consistency is the opposite of a willingness to learn” and need to keep it in mind on a daily basis. :)

  12. Exactly what is wrong with eating at the Virginian?
    I’m sure the Obamas have to sit through their fair share of “culinary experiences” at formal dinners.
    Maybe they longed for something more “down-home.” Been nice if they had picked up a box of doughnuts fron Spudnuts too. Or had had a foot-long at Jack’N’Jill’s.
    They should be complimented in their choice of something other than one of our fancy,expensive gourmet restaurants.

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