Mike Comer Arrested at Wintergreen

Accused embezzler Mike Comer was arrested at Wintergreen this afternoon, NBC 29 reports. He was found in their lodge, a literal stone’s throw from where search crews were looking for him a month ago. There’s no word on how long he’s been there, how he was found, or even what he’s been charged with, but presumably the whole sordid affair will all come out in the months ahead.

Michael Comer07/28 Update: From the “Terrible Ideas” category, Comer—accused of stealing $666,000—had to part with just $50,000 in order to post bond. I don’t care how you do the math, that’s just a sound financial move on Comer’s part. There’s no question the guy’s a flight risk, so the logic here escapes me. Commonwealth Attorney Denise Lunsford places the odds of him slowing up at “slim at best.” Apparently it was Comer’s wife who turned him in—he called her from a pay phone at Wintergreen, and she contacted police. Comer is now cooling his heels in his $1.35M home, where he may be, at the moment, having a “World’s Best Dad” badge pinned to his cardigan. (God help him if he’d stolen $600k from Glenmore via any method other than white-collar crime—he’d be held on $1M bail and facing thirty years, I guarantee it.) At right is his sharp new post-flight look, rocking an appearance not dissimilar to Jeffrey Shifflett at the time of his post-flight 2006 arrest.

12 thoughts on “Mike Comer Arrested at Wintergreen”

  1. How can someone be “arrested” when there have not been any charges filed by authorities?

  2. I assume his brother bailing him out didn’t keep them from filing embezzelment charges.

    So I guess charges have been filed.

  3. If I had 600K and was on the lam I think I could make it further than Afton! At least Richmond….

  4. Instead of a “World’s Best Dad” badge pinned to his cardigan, he ought to have a monitoring device strapped to his ankle.

  5. 50K vs. 600K?

    I must be missing something here.

    And a flight risk to boot.

    wow. Must have friends in VERY high places.

  6. dood. FLIGHT RISK. how was he eligible for bail? i’ve known people who failed to appear on a moving violation and when they were later arrested on a different charge they were denied bail bec of the failure to appear from years earlier. wtf?

  7. Wonder what judge authorized bail?

    He must have one hell of an attorney.

    Does he have an ankle monitor you know to make sure he doesn’t take off AGAIN?

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