6 thoughts on “Two Months Until Daily Train Service”

  1. Amtrak has theoretical service every day. In my experience, it runs about 50/50. Half of the time the train actually comes, half of the time they end up sticking you on a bus. It’s in no way reliable. That’s because the train is coming from New Orleans, and there’s lots of opportunity for delays along the way. This train will start in Lynchburg every morning, thus significantly reducing the likelihood that it’ll be running late.

  2. … coming from New Orleans … insanity.

    I have a client moving back to the States who has recently lived in Belgium and Germany and he was astounded when he found out that the Cville-DC train was coming from New Orleans.

    We were discussing how overseas, people get fired if a train is 5 minutes late. Here, we’re impressed if it arrives at all.

  3. Also, the Cville to DC segment sells out more than the preceding sections. Hence the frequent move to the Amtrak bus.

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