Second Body Found in Louisa Woman’s Yard

Remember the Louisa woman whose dead boyfriend was found stuffed in her well last month? Well, her second husband was just found in her backyard, too, the Progress reports. Ulisa Chavers has confessed to burying her 68-year-old husband in her backyard in 1994. As with her deceased boyfriend, Chavers provided different stories to different people about what had become of her husband. At this point there doesn’t seem to be any cause to suspect her of murder—it just looks like Social Security fraud, with Chavers continuing to collect checks from a federal agency that had no reason to believe that the men were dead.

There’s no word on what became of her first husband. Maybe somebody should check the front yard. 04/12 Update: Her first husband is (ostensibly) still alive. Given this woman’s history, somebody ought to check up on him, just in case.

One thought on “Second Body Found in Louisa Woman’s Yard”

  1. Although news reports suggest Ms. Chavers probably didn’t murder her husband and boyfriend, the police should consider the possibility that she ardently neglected their health – or lack thereof. How old were these guys? Did anyone know they were sick?
    It may not be murder (per se) to quietly allow a relation or friend to drop dead, but it’s considerably more serious than fraud.

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