2 thoughts on “Kids Ride the Bus for Free All Summer”

  1. I thought the city did this every summer. Maybe what’s new is that Albemarle County children are now included. CHS students were all given bus passes this fall (2008). I like this program. It teaches kids that there are alternatives to using their mothers as their personal drivers and it encourages independence. My daughter and her friend enjoy their “bus adventures” and now, if they want to go to Barrack’s Road, or Fashion Square, I don’t have to drive them.

  2. I wonder why the CHS students will be able to ride the bus year-round and the other students only through August. Why not just let all of them ride all year? There certainly are enough vacant seats except on Route 7 to do so. Since so many kids will need to ride the bus when using the new YMCA facility, if they use it that is, they will rely heavily upon the bus system.

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