One thought on “Where Candidates Stand on the Meadowcreek Parkway”

  1. I really didn’t see any potential difference is the result of Szakos’ and Taliferro’s positions on the MCP. It seems both are saying the city’s portion will be built, but for maybe diferent reasons. I’m glad Peter Kleeman is recommending for those who plan to participate in selection process of the Democratic Party’s nominees will attend the forums and try to get substantive questions answered. Every candidate is for “Education, Transportation, Workforce Development and Jobs.”
    I hope people will also be very pointed in their questioning of the candidates concerning the destruction of the current Ragged Mountain Natural Area and their willingless to devise a feasible water supply concept to provide water for a reasonable amount of time in the future, say thirty years. I also hope they are questioned as to if they wish to fund a regional transit authority and exactly how do they plan to support it. All too often the candidates get away with saying they are “open minded” about the most important government issues and the most costly in order to talk about their favorite social issues and programs.

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