Lowry May Run for BoS

A fellow by the name of John Lowry, of North Garden, is looking to run for Sally Thomas’ seat on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, Brian Wheeler reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. Lowry is the chair of the Albemarle Economic Development Authority, a William & Mary alumnus, and is retired from a career in finance. Thomas hasn’t stated her intentions for reelection, so it’s a fair guess that Lowry’s decision is contingent on whether or not she’ll be running, too. He’s got a campaign website, and is in the process of collecting signatures to get on the ballot to run as an independent, though he may opt to run with party affiliation. The green color scheme on his website says “Democrat”…but his bowtie says “Republican.”

10 Responses to “Lowry May Run for BoS”

  • Neither color schemes nor bowties are the property of either party.

    Sadly, neither is tax evasion.

  • I hope Gordon Walker runs for this seat. He’d be a great Supervisor.

  • I don’t know about that bow-tie thing. FDR, Harry Truman and Senator Paul Simon come to mind immediately. Don’t like those Johnny-come-lately bowtie wearers like Tucker Carlson and Jim Camblos (remember them?) throw you.

  • Mr. Landers:

    You beat me to it. I was going to argue, with your examples, that, locally, a bow-tie more generally indicates arrogance then political affiliation.

    But I don’t know Mr. Lowry. So we’ll see.

  • Waldo bowties are not just for republicans. What about Senator Paul Simon, Orville Rickenbacker, and the Nation of Islam?

  • I saw two things that I support:

    Track Club member and frequent ten miler
    Highlands Bagpiper for Hire

  • Regardless of the presence of a bowtie, Mr. Lowry is most definitely a Republican (though he did allegedly recently send a letter to David Toscano asking for his support, and that, coupled with the fact that he’s keeping his political stripes close to his vest lets you know what he thinks his chances of winning with an R next to name are).

  • Perlogic:

    I met Senator Simon once, and I thought he was pretty cool.

    Orville Rickenbacker is no more, and so I will speak no ill of him.

    But regarding Mr. Farrakhan and his minions: these folks powerfully bolster the bow-tie = douchebag rule.

  • I hope John Lowery doesn’t run with any party affliation. I would rather he be an independent thinker rather a person surrounded by a bunch of lobbyists and advocates who demand that he votes as they say because their party “put him in office.”

  • Well well what a small town this is. John Lowry is my former neighbor, a good guy IMHO. Thomas used to have my wife’s current job.

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