DMB Saxophonist Snubbed by Grammys

The Grammys video tribute to musicians who died in 2008 ignored LeRoi Moore, and people are angry.  #

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  • Jogger says:

    People are angry. What people are angry. Identify them. The grammy’s listed him in their program book. You only have a very few seconds to mention the passing of famous musicians and time did not allow the videoing of all. Get over it. I will remember him and to me that’s all that matters. Sad.

  • Big_Al says:

    The Grammys have always been about one and ONLY one thing: selling records and generating $ for the industry. DMB is widely recognized and acknowledged as one of the most popular and successful performing and recording acts on the planet. DMB has put trainloads of cash in the pockets of those who benefit from the music industry. Add to that the fact that his passing was sudden, and that he died way, way too young and that should have gotten the Grammy producers’ attention.

    Saying that they memorialized him in the program that was provided to those who were influential enough to be invited to the ceremony adds insult to injury. Those music industry insiders have never appreciated performers that rise and remain steady. They are far more interested in artists that rise like a comet, sell a ton of records, and sink back to obscurity before they have a chance to sing a record deal that actually makes the artist money. So by that measure, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences couldn’t care less.

  • What people are angry. Identify them.

    Do us all a favor and read the article before spouting off. I think you’ll find that a 500-word article contains a great deal more information than the 20-word blog entry linking to it.

  • TheCowSaysMoo says:

    A Facebook group and online petition are demanding an apology from The Recording Academy.

    It’ll take a lot more than a 994-member Facebook group to get an apology.

    After all, the “All Hail Mr. Bean” group (random search) has 7,744 members.

    I didn’t actually watch the Grammys, but I can certainly understand their point of view. I think this means more to our area than other areas for obvious reasons.

  • Chris Graham says:

    Snub, omission, ignorance (LeRoi Moore didn’t compete in “American Idol,” after all), whatever – this doesn’t reflect well on the Grammys.

    That’s my first thought. My second thought – since when has anybody really cared about the Grammys?

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