University to Concentrate on Infill

Good news from the university: they say they’re planning to expand up, not out. They’re going to focus on infill, taking buildings up (or down, underground) and increasing density. As UVa grows, acquiring land, they remove property from the city and county property tax rolls, shrinking the municipalities’ tax base. That’s a source of significant tension between the university, Charlottesville and Albemarle. This new approach is a part of the university’s 20-year master plan

2 thoughts on “University to Concentrate on Infill”

  1. This really is a good plan for everyone involved. The current building stock is in the 3-4 story range, and they’d like to bump it up to 5-6. Still human-scaled, but allows more room for inward growth. They’ll still be able to keep all of the important green space, and the historic character will not be compromised.

    It’s always better when a University can model the type of practices it teaches.

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