3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas…a Week Before Thanksgiving”

  1. I always like to get frazier firs, because they smell so good and the remind me of the odd southern boreal forests where they come from. I always enjoy hiking in those forests, as they have a real storybook feel about them.

    Sadly, as they islands at the tops of mountains left over from the last ice age, global warming is doing them in. If something isn’t done soon, then the Frazier Fir may go the way of the American Chestnut.

    Oh, probably the best thing about frazier firs though is that they have these large pustules on their bark that you can pop sending fragrant sap all over. While demonstrating this, a professor of mine shot sap onto the face of a sorority girl. Classic.

  2. Any idea why the Christmas tree lighting was before Thanksgiving this year? I seem to recall it being the weekend after in previous years. I was just reading about Ashland’s holiday parade (full of Santa and his reindeer) in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I understand why retailers start pushing Christmas before Halloween, but I find this trend on the part of local governments to be a little disturbing.

  3. Yeah, Christmas is expanding like the Colour from Outer Space.

    Soon, I suspect we’ll see shops selling christmas items in June…. (Oh, wait that’s already happened!) Soon we’ll all be forced to bow before this eldritch red god (or sit on his lap as the case may be) at all times of year and enact his vile rituals of capitalistic excess.

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