2 thoughts on “University’s Water Usage on the Rise”

  1. When will they step up their attention to these issues. Water, their dirty coal plant, encouraging traffic with new parking decks everywhere, and on and on….

  2. UVA has done an incredible job in reducing daily water consumption in dormitories and cafeterias. They are currently engaged in a massive amount of construction and of course their water consumption will go up. Fortunately, the water consumption will go down with construction is complete. UVA has installed a ton of water-saving devices around grounds and has a on-going campaign to educate its citizens about ecological matters in general and water usage and recycling in particular. It has begun to not using lunch trays to cut back on water usage. I dare say, the citizens of Chalbemarle have a long ways to go to emulate UVA’s efforts.
    As far as traffic goes, congestion in the university area is so much less, in opinion, than it was say twenty years ago, I expect to see a few horse and buggy riders each time I go through there. You can actually see spaces between the cars.

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