Danielson, Minor Can’t Agree on Whether They’re Building a Hotel

Things have gotten strange between Lee Danielson and Halsey Minor over the Landmark Hotel, Brian McNeill writes in today’s Daily Progress. Minor says that the bank has pulled their funding and construction has stopped. Lee Danielson—and anybody walking the site by yesterday—says that, in fact, construction is ongoing. Both Danielson and the bank say that there’s no funding problem. When asked what to make of Minor’s comments, Danielson told McNeill “I suggest you Google him and see what else he’s gotten up to.” And when Minor was asked about Danielson’s comments, Minor said “He can go and do his thing—I’m just not going to engage.”

What is it about Lee Danielson that causes his business partners to flee from him? (I can guess.)

11/14 Update: Will Goldsmith writes in C-Ville that Minor says that he’s canned Danielson. Danielson has no public response, and the job manager says that while money was a problem, it’s resolved now.

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