Danielson, Minor Can’t Agree on Whether They’re Building a Hotel

Things have gotten strange between Lee Danielson and Halsey Minor over the Landmark Hotel, Brian McNeill writes in today’s Daily Progress. Minor says that the bank has pulled their funding and construction has stopped. Lee Danielson—and anybody walking the site by yesterday—says that, in fact, construction is ongoing. Both Danielson and the bank say that there’s no funding problem. When asked what to make of Minor’s comments, Danielson told McNeill “I suggest you Google him and see what else he’s gotten up to.” And when Minor was asked about Danielson’s comments, Minor said “He can go and do his thing—I’m just not going to engage.”

What is it about Lee Danielson that causes his business partners to flee from him? (I can guess.)

11/14 Update: Will Goldsmith writes in C-Ville that Minor says that he’s canned Danielson. Danielson has no public response, and the job manager says that while money was a problem, it’s resolved now.

13 thoughts on “Danielson, Minor Can’t Agree on Whether They’re Building a Hotel”

  1. Maybe in this new era of “the bailout”, the city will pony up the lost funding. Hey, it happened once before way back when for the OMNI, right? City Hall wouldn’t want to see a partially finished building lanquishing and taking away from the aesthetic appeal of the crown jewel of Charlottesville would they? Just make it part of the deal that common folk can come and sit inside the lobby on those really hot or cold days. It could sort of be like the library, but with a better fashion sense.

  2. This is exactly the type of private/public partnership the city would fall all over themselves to be part of if the opportunity were now to present itself.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Danielson hasn’t already contacted the city director of economic development or the city manager to feel out the city’s position on a private/public venture to finish this project.
    As has been previously mentioned in another thread the city put in $10M for the Omini and then turned around and wrote the note off……..something about being essential to the vitilization, continued growth of the downtown mall. yea, right!!!!!

  3. Like the Landmark, I think I’m too big to fail as well, so, ya know, can I get some of that coin?

  4. After reading today’s progress I have think it’s safe to say, that either Danielson or Minor doesn’t know what they are talking about. Really it couldn’t be clearer.

  5. Early word is that some money has stepped up to fill the void. My source is not a speculative person…

  6. I think that no one here really knows what they are talking about. Google Halsey Minor, and take from it what you will. The man is of terrible character. Lee Danielson wants nothing but good for Charlottesville. I know he loves the city and the people.

  7. this hotel will get back on track and help the Charlottesville economy. Mr Minor has a youthfulness to his real estate knowledge much like a child does at calculus. Mr Danielson has done great things for the city, while Mr Minor just worries about his own. To Mr Minor I say, step aside, let the professionals handle it. Write those checks and you’ll see your wealth grow. To Mr Danielson I say, keep fighting the fight, don’t lower yourself to your partners premadonna status. Keep the hotel afloat, only a couple months away from helping Charlottesville

  8. Thank you for the nice thoughts. Most importantly this project is about the City and its people; not about Lee or Halsey. Mr. Minor is new to this and just doesn’t seem to totally understand that the bank loan has certain requirements of him. I want to thank Mr. Minor for allowing the project to get off the ground but, I also want it to be known that the public posturing is not good for the project. It really is a great project. It doesn’t take much to finish it in the style anticipated.

    Hopefully sanity will prevail and Mr. Minor will see that fighting is not the answer to good business solutions.

  9. I, too, think The Landmark is a great project for the town I’ve lived in virtually my entire life. I don’t know if I’ll ever stay there, but the thought of being able to go to the rooftop restaurant/bar in the spring or summertime and enjoy a great meal and a couple glasses of wine with some good friends is an incredibly appealing thought. Can’t wait to check out the finished product.

  10. I’m amused to hear people backing up Lee Danielson, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that, before. Me, I’m sick to death of him. I’ve never liked his projects (isn’t there still a financial black hole of an ice skating rink at the end of the mall thanks to him?). When I came back to C’ville to visit this summer and discovered how expensive and boutique-filled the Mall had become, I was hardly surprised to find he was involved with a massive luxury hotel being built in the midst of it. Just in time for the recession, too!

    As far as I’m concerned, Danielson is a liability and will continue to drive away long-term residents like myself. I always thought I’d come back in the not-too-distant future, but after seeing what Danielson and Capshaw have been wreaking in my absence, I don’t think I will.

  11. Will M,

    you clearly must have poor taste. Capshaw and Danielson have produced incredible projects that have pumped more money into it’s economy than you will ever see in your life time. I think it is great that people are coming out of their conservative and ignorant views and supporting the man.

    Possibly do some research on his ex partner and you will see what scumb he was and still is. You are a liability for speaking in such an uneducated manor. The Mall is a better place because of Danielson. It is cleaner, and businesses are thriving. Last time I check our country needs more jobs.

    Get a reality check, please.

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