8 thoughts on “Hotel Construction Halted”

  1. How about a local bank stepping in to help? Aren’t there a lot on the mall, that could use the positive press.

  2. There’s a lot more to this than just tough economic times. I hope it will all come out in the wash, but I doubt if it will. Let’s hope the city doesn’t decide to step in and supply the financing to complete this project.

  3. Well, the city already basically owns the Omni, so they might as well get into the hotel business full-time. Besides, I can’t see them losing as much money on this one, unless they decide to manage as well as pay for it!

  4. I forgot that the city wrote off a $10M loan to the Omni. It’s funny that the-now Double Tree cost the same as the city’s, was built miles outside of the airport near an airport, and never needed a dime of county money. many people erroneously credits the Omni as saving downotwn.

  5. Has anyone even considered how many people this affects? All those workers – the inconvenience of the construction, the new breakfast menu at Henry’s Restaurant developed specifically for the construction crew? This is pathetic.

  6. When Danielson was developing the ice park and theater (west end of mall) that project went through the same thing, lack of solid financing, lawsuits, counter lawsuits, etc. etc. Why does the city continue to let this guy operate within the city limits? He never seems to have his ducks in a row and his projects always end up in lawsuits and squabbles.
    Before the city approves these types of projects they need to see the pony and not just the manure.

  7. Don’t think this is about Danielson. Seems his projects are pretty good and helped revitalize the mall when no one else was doing it. Vision is nothing without sponsorship. No, this is about Minor and his belief he is a Billionaire but without the cash to back it up.

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