Region Sheds 500 Jobs

Our area has lost five hundred jobs in the past year, Brian McNeill writes in today’s Daily Progress. That decline of 0.5% is the worst of any of the state’s nine largest metropolitan areas. What the Progress doesn’t tell us is where these 500 jobs disappeared from, since there have been no major layoffs in the area. Small-scale job losses have recently occurred, or are soon coming, from LexisNexis, Circuit City, and Luck Stone, but that’s a) not part of these numbers and b) just a drop in the bucket.

9pm Update: I’m a moron. McNeill wrote: “The Charlottesville region’s lost jobs over the past year were primarily in the construction and manufacturing industries.” It makes sense that this area, a part of the growth boom (especially Fluvanna), would fall particularly hard as the bubble collapsed.

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