8 thoughts on “WINA Cuts Savage”

  1. I still cannot believe a grown man would be so heartless to young disabled children or adults with autism. It takes a big man to be so mean to disabled persons. I empathize with the other parents since I have a 5 year old son with autism.

  2. Good for WINA. For years they’ve had solid, respect-worthy local hosts, who besides being talented are just plain decent people, and it was a shame to have them sharing the airwaves with someone as venomous as Savage. Heck, Rob Schilling is living proof that you can host a conservative talk show without being hateful. High time for the syndicated hosts to reflect that ethic. (Bill O’Reilly is a bloviating bully, but I don’t consider him beyond the pale the way Savage is. And Boortz can annoy the hell out of me, but he’s got a core of basic humanity and the saving grace of not taking himself too seriously.)

  3. If you didn’t hear Coy Barefoot’s remarks on the air, please take a listen via Sean Tubb’s link, above. Changed my day.

  4. I am very pleased that WINA has chosen to respond to community outrage over Savage’s ignorant and cruel comments.
    HOWEVER, I will never understand how WINA could have chosen to continue to carry Neal Boortz after the indecent and inaccurate way he characterized the victims of the VT attack. Nor do I uderstand how local advertisers have continued to support the Boortz show.
    I only listen to the local shows on WINA since April 07 though I once was a regular listener to daytime WINA. On the upside- NPR is much more worthwhile.

  5. Savage was unlistenable. Just spewing bile and hate is neither enlightening nor entertaining. Savage had the distinction of eliciting an instantaneous change of station from me. Whatever the reason for his demise, he won’t be missed.

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