7 thoughts on “Forest Lakes Moving Their Sign”

  1. VERY good decision.

    Now we just have to get people to stop believing that traffic lights are God and to look both ways before entering the intersection… even if the light is green.

    In fact, to encourage such behavior, maybe they should delay the green light a bit more for the opposite direction once the light turns red.

    An additional one second delay would do very little to disrupt traffic flow, but would be invaluable in the case of someone running a red catching the end of a yellow light.

  2. I see your point about delaying the green, but what about the a-holes coming the other way who figure “hey, they delay that green light and that gives me even more time to get through this intersection so it’s okay for me to run this red light!”

  3. Cecil, there will always (ALWAYS!) be jerks who feel that traffic lights don’t apply to them, but they’re breaking the law. A few weeks of strict enforcement at the intersection would curb quite a bit of that kind of activity. Beyond that, a delay still wouldn’t hurt.

    Elizabeth, it’s actually not quite as cut-and-dry as that. According to the DMV’s traffic signals page, a yellow light signals (bolding by me for emphasis):

    Caution–a steady yellow light or arrow warns that the light is about to change. If you have not entered the intersection, you should come to a stop. If you are already in the intersection, continue moving in order to clear it. Speeding up to beat the light could cause a crash.

    So, the DMV believes you should come to a stop if you see a yellow light, not plow through.

    Of course, if it’s unsafe to come to a stop (as in, the light just turned yellow and you would have to slam on your brakes to stop), then you should obviously continue through.

    But, I think too many people have the mindset that the last sentence warns against. They see a yellow light as a reason to speed up, rather than slow down, and those are the people that an extra delay would protect the opposite direction’s traffic from.

  4. I believe the delay TheCow speaks of is with ALL directions facing a red light. So 29 turns red, then have everyone sit for an extra second before forest lakes turns green. Smart.

    Those who legally enter an intersection on a yellow may be right. Dead right.

  5. http://www.charlottesvillenewsplex.tv/home/headlines/26055324.html

    During a recent traffic enforcement in the area of the changed speed limit, “a total of 107 tickets were issued to 86 drivers.”

    Both of the reckless driving tickets were for drivers who were traveling northbound on Route 29 at an excessive rate of speed in the posted 45mph zone. The fastest speed recorded was 78mph in the newly posted 45mph zone.

    78 MPH?! Dear Lord. I don’t even drive that on the Interstate… in North Carolina!

    People like that are why a delay with the lights (as Mr. K rightly pointed to being for all directions) should be implemented in addition to the other safety measures being implemented.

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