3 thoughts on “A Really, Really Big Driveway”

  1. I have begun to find it funny when government officials use spin to circumvent legal code. I find it appalling that more commissioners did not protest the use of the new designation. it reminds me of the city’s use of “roundabout” ranther than “traffic circle” in order to qualify for using federal funds and the politicians that it was great “pulling the wool over Washington’s eyes.” It also made a statement about the locals’ integrity. wouldn’t it be funny it the drivers of the 18-wheelers now banned from Old Lynchburg Road start calling them triple-six wheelers. Or a cell phone towner being called birds’-nest. Or a gravel driveway being called a rock garden.

  2. So if it’s a driveway, does that mean I can use it to pull my car right up to the gates the next time I fly out of CHO? After all, my car certainly fits into the category of a “vehicle.”

  3. I don’t know if that stunt is legal or not, but it damn sure doesn’t pass the smell test. Do they really think the public is that stupid, or do they just hope we are?

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