City Plans Efficiency Study

The city plans to hire an outside firm to conduct an efficiency study, Rachana Dixit writes in today’s Daily Progress. Though a firm hasn’t been selected, the university’s Weldon Cooper Center seems like a clear top candidate. The five-month study is intended to measure where Charlottesville can reduce the size and cost of government. Council has budgeted $50,000 for the study, which they hope will begin September 1.

7 thoughts on “City Plans Efficiency Study”

  1. Sounds like a good idea. I bet they already have some ideas about where cuts are needed or can be made, but want this study done first to “back them up” when they finally do break out the cost cutting axe.

  2. i think there should be a study on why there are so many studies made in this area.

  3. Yeah, quit paying for so many damn studies. Make a decision and move
    with it. Of course with the brain trusts we have on council, that in
    itself could be problematic.

  4. Gotta love the city! Did anybody notice the county didn’t need a $50,000 study to tell them they have a serious fuel problem? The county police are already trying to figure how they can be more efficient.

  5. Demopublican, it just goes to show that
    our local officials and their hirees clearly
    lack the experience and expertise needed to
    manage a $142M budget. Sadly, they don’t seem
    to know anyone locally that wants to give them
    advice. They have to pay for it at tax payers
    expense. As long as we keep electing people
    because of their positions on abortion and world
    peace, we’re going to have pay big bucks to find somebody
    who can deal with the nuts and bolts of running a city.

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