Advance Mills Bridge Planned (For Real)

VDOT has a bridge planned for Advance Mills, and this time they mean it. Brandon Shulleetta writes in the Progress that VDOT is proposing a $3M steel truss bridge to replace the existing bridge, which has been shut down for over a year because of its aged condition. VDOT had planned to build a bridge, cancelled their plans, planned to build a temporary one followed by a permanent one and then cancelled that. At this point, folks in Advance Mills just want a bridge, and don’t seem to particularly care about the details. This final (?) planned bridge is due to be finished by late next year or early 2010.

3 thoughts on “Advance Mills Bridge Planned (For Real)”

  1. Isn’t that what Robert Plant asked at the end of a Zep song?


    At the end of the song “The Crunge” Plant asks “Where’s the bridge?” He’s referring to the James Brown song they took the guitar riff from where Brown asks his band to “Take it to the bridge.”

  2. No, not an overpass. It is in Earlysville, Route 743, and it prevents us folks south of the bridge from traveling on Earlysville Road, so we end up stuck traveling up and down 29N. Yuck.

    And he’s right, we don’t frikkin care what kind of bridge it is, we just WANT A BRIDGE. Like now. I’m tired of meeting the pizza guy from Sal’s in the middle of the bridge, passing my money over for goods. Like East/West Germany before the wall came down, lolol!

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