Some Charges Dropped in Whisper Ridge Case

I’ve often lamented that the headlines when somebody’s accused of a crime are far bigger than when they’re acquitted. So I must call up that charges have been dropped against one of the Whisper Ridge employees who was accused of molesting two kids in his care, Rob Seal writes in the Progress. One of the victims has dropped out of sight, leaving just one to testify against Bryan Antwann Vaughan. Without corroboration, the county says they can’t move forward. Vaughan says he’s innocent. It’s possible that other similar charges will be brought against him, though.

Four others were indicted, part of the never ending series of charges against the utterly incompetent mental health facilities.

2 thoughts on “Some Charges Dropped in Whisper Ridge Case”

  1. So if only one kid with a disability is abused by someone, not two or more, there is no crime according to the county? Great. And if this was not a kid with a psychiatric label/disability would that be the case? I don’t think so.

  2. If the accuser has made similar allegations in the past against others, for example, then it is probably preferred to have corroborative testimony. Unfortunately, it can also be hard for people labeled with having psychological problems to be believed on their word alone.

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