8 thoughts on “County Migration Map”

  1. that’s right!

    screw fairfax, i’m here to stay.

    at least until i finally move back home to pittsburgh, but that’s a ways away.

    for all the complaining people do about charlottesville .. you guys really don’t know how good you have it here sometimes it seems.

  2. Wouldn’t UVA students living on grounds (meaning, in the County) leaving for jobs in NoVA and NYC explain some of this out migration?

  3. Nope — the Census Bureau counts them as living at their parents home. Or, rather, they try to — that has been a real problem for them to get right in the past few years.

  4. Don’t forget that a lot of undergrads live in county apartment complexes like College Park and Eagles Landing. I am sure their are hundreds of graduate students living in the county as well.

  5. But, again, undergraduates living off grounds are likewise counted by the Census Bureau as living with their parents. I have no idea of what the standard is for graduate students.

  6. No, UVA students living off-grounds are counted as residents of Albemarle or Charlottesville. See here: http://www.virginia.edu/president/spch/06/letter_fall2006.html

    This part in particular:

    “For the purpose of the census, students living in dormitories are counted at their parents’ homes elsewhere, while students living off Grounds are counted in the census numbers here. We have 6,600 beds on Grounds. Some 15,000-plus students live off Grounds, primarily along and off JPA and Rugby Road. (Charlottesville’s population is 45,049, of whom a fourth or so are students.)”

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