C-Ville Weekly Reviews Rapist Arrest Coverage

I always like to point out when local media outlets manage to write about other media outlets in a way that’s both useful and even-handed. C-Ville Weekly has done so this week. Scott Weaver writes about how local media outlets covered the arrest of of Nathan Antonio Washington, the suspect in two of the serial rapes and the presumed suspect in all of them. It was a tough story to report on, due to the tension between wanting to say “the serial rapist has been caught” and the need for the restraint of sticking to the facts. As Weaver explains, some media outlets did a better job than others, with TV news taking a particularly “aggressive if not hysterical tone.” (cVillain is taking their mention rather badly. Hey, guys, you got a mention — be happy.) Weaver managed to write an informative article about other media outlets — even their direct competition in the former of The Hook — without resorting to snark or bomb-throwing. That’s great to see.

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