Time Lapse Video of the Chalkboard

The Thomas Jefferson Center has posted to their website a two minute time-lapse film of people writing on the chalkboard, made by recent AHS graduate Sasha Solodukhina. It’s pretty clever:

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  • Maybe Sasha could make some bucks selling her services to the City. It would be way cheaper to hire her to roam around with a camera than to install permanent surveillance equipment. Stealthier too.

    He’s so on top of things that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mayor Brown make a proposal to do just that at the next council meeting.

    By the way. Did anyone else catch the white shirted thugs at about 1:23?

  • I looked and looked but saw no thugs.

  • Yeah, I saw them. At 1:22. Try downloading the video and moving frame-by-frame. Though I think it is kind of a stretch to call “the white shirted thugs”, instead of the much far more likely “generic white shirted black teens.”

    Nice video, btw.

  • I still see no thugs. I see people.

  • M’sorry to all involved,

    …but shoulda kept going at 1:10 or so. Respect to the TJC and the filmmaker and the wall and all. But it is interesting up to that point and after that it devolves into a TV ad for the thing. To call it a “time lapse video” is misleading.

    [watches me no damn TV, offa my lawn, etc.]

  • I think it’s a good effort. I’d have to agree that the footage of poeple writing, reading, cleaning, walking by, etc. is more interesting than the actual written messages.

    How often is the board washed?

  • Three times each week. It was originally planned to wash it just once, that quickly was moved up to twice once it was unveiled, and then it had to go to three times. It’s just too popular. We’ve been exploring how to do it more often still, but it’s tough to coordinate that.

    (I’m on the board that oversees the chalkboard.)

  • I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Lapse Video of the Chalkboard at cvillenews.com, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

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