Whisper Ridge Employees Indicted

The director of operations at Whisper Ridge Behavioral Health System has pleaded guilty to attempted carnal knowledge of a minor in her care, the Daily Progress reported yesterday. Bianca Nicole Johnson has been sentenced to a year’s probation, and is cooperating in the cases against four other employees indicted on similar charges. The facility (formerly known as The Brown Schools, formerly known as The Millmont Center, and I think it was Charter before that) has been in trouble time and time again for sexual assault, an inability to deal with their own patients, even human rights violations.

And Whisper Ridge changes their name again in 3…2…1…

4 thoughts on “Whisper Ridge Employees Indicted”

  1. Charter had no relationship to Brown/Millmont/Whisper Ridge/New Name. I vote we change the name to “Snakepit”. It’s catchy and it’s honest.

  2. Thanks for that correction. I guess it’s just the same physical facility that Charter used, because I’m pretty sure that was on the same spot, behind Barracks Road.

  3. Yup, it’s the same physical facility. Charter was a national chain of psychiatric hospitals and sold them all several years ago, not sure exactly which year. Some Charter hospitals made the news for abuse but not the local one, it had a decent reputation. Before it was Charter, it was a psychiatric hospital formed by local psychiatrists and named after the psychiatrist David Wilson, now deceased, who had an office there into old age. Before my time, but I hear it had a good reputation.

    I and others I know would love to see that building sold to Martha Jefferson or some other local group to have a non-profit psychiatric hospital unaffiliated with a teaching hospital in town again, especially because there is no place in the area for adolescents other than the state hospital for children on Western State’s grounds. Also we have nothing for inpatient treatment of eating disorders and nothing specializing in women’s psychiatric issues nor in trauma-related psychiatric illnesses.

  4. She only got a year PROBATION??? No jail or fine at all?? Now that really sends a fine message.

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