DMHMRSAS Investigating Whisper Ridge

The running joke that is Psychiatric Solutions’ Whisper Ridge continues, Rob Seal reports in today’s Progress. This time it’s The Virginia Department of Mental Health doing the investigating, with the matters including a suicide attempt and two occasions in which police had to be called to deal with unruly patients. Mind you, they have something like six patients in there now — if they can’t handle a half dozen kids, I’m not sure how they ever hope to function at their full capacity of many dozens. But I get the sense this joint isn’t run by people who think that far ahead.

I must point out, because it’s so bizarre, that the full name of this state government organization is The Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, or “DMHMRSAS.” They actually call it that. I want to know if they spell it out, or if there’s some way that they pronounce it: “dumhumrasass” or something.

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