David Breeden Dies

David Breeden, of Biscuit Run fame, died of heart failure yesterday. You either knew David for his soapstone sculptures — seven are scattered around public places in town — for his family by way of one of his seven gregarious children, or for his 30-year-running Wednesday night potluck dinner. The Breeden family recently sold the bulk of their property to a developer for $46.2M, which will become “Fox Ridge,” south of town.

The funeral will be at the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church on Rugby at noon next Wednesday. And, yes, the potluck will be held that night.

6 thoughts on “David Breeden Dies”

  1. I’ve got one of those turquoise colored glass blocks he used to give visitors hanging in my kitchen. An extremely friendly, eccentric fellow. A good old-time C-ville character. He’ll be missed.

  2. It’s weird when you come into close contact to people just before their death. Mr. Breeden came through my line at WFM the day before his death. He looked just as healthy as ever.

    He seemed to be the quiet type, at least in that type of setting. But I did know Summer and Skyler to be excellent people, and it seemed the same was the case with him.

  3. I grew up with Skyler, and was a frequent guest, he touched my heart, and his Art inspired me to pursue my BFA. I will Never forget his Peach Ice Tea. He will be sorely missed…My Condolences to the family, what a loss for Charlottesville, and the Art world.

  4. My father was in the ICU for two months before his death. The day before he died his lungs were filled with blood and fluid. He definitely did not look fine nor was he in your line at Whole Foods Market. He never shopped there. The bacon aisle at Kroger was more his style. The next time that guy, whoever he is, comes in be sure to tell him you thought he died.

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