Groups Ask BoS for Growth Target

Several area environmental organizations have appealed to the Board of Supervisors for a growth target, Bob Gibson writes in today’s Progress. Representatives from Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population, The Sierra Club, and Citizens for Albemarle asked the Board of Supervisors to simply set a number so that we know when we’re done growing: 150,000, 200,000, 500,000, whatever.

They say — and I agree — that we should simply pick a target so we can plan ahead. If what we love about Albemarle that it’s so rural, then we’ll want a lower target. But if we agree that Albemarle should eventually resemble Manhattan, we’ll want a higher number. We’ve been planning the size of families for a couple of generations now. Can’t we plan the size of our cities?

3 thoughts on “Groups Ask BoS for Growth Target”

  1. and in other news….

    surrounding countries are gearing up to accept growth which will force more affordable houses, more people and more traffic coming and going into CVille. But hey, at least we are controling growth in Chalbemarle. And we need to keep the poor people out so we can resell our house for 400% over what it is worth. Goddammit, I am trying to make a killing on real estate. More houses means less chance I could get an return with all of the 40ish retirees from the North.

    Good! Keep the poor people out!

  2. Not sure we are “controlling growth” in Charlottesville. See where something like 2600 housing units are projected in a local newspaper article. They are determined to build on every vacant lot and pile people on top of one another in order to achieve this denser population the City powers are so fond of(read more tax cows to milk).
    And they want a certain type of population-wealthy retirees and young single professionals, not middle class families with kids. People who will spend money at trendy boutiques and nightclubs.
    And of course at the great Pavilion.
    It saddens me to see this community lose its bucolic,small Southern town atmosphere. The city seems to want everyone to live in a condo off the West Main Street corridor, like that wonderful Walker Square that is advertised to be the greatest place to live anywhere. You have got to be kidding me! Guess thats okay if one wishes to be packed into multi-story buildings like sardines. I am totally repelled by this package of “urban lifestyle” crapola the city government and its pr machine is trying to sell us.
    My own reaction is to want to head back as far into the boonies as possible and then forget the way out. While maybe not going that far, I do know I do not want to continue living in Charlottesville/Albemarle. Highland or Rappahannock Counties and similar environs are looking better and better. What a joy it would be to longer have to deal with 29N, West Main, and other crummy,gross scenes!

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