O’Reilly Takes on Casteen, Cav. Daily

Host Bill O’Reilly put John Casteen on his “On Notice” board on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” last night, The Hook writes:

Those remarks came during a segment about two cartoons run in the August 23 and 24 editions of the Cavalier Daily. Drawn by third year Grant Woolard as part of his comic strip Quirksmith, one depicts Jesus Christ crucified on a Cartesian x/y axis, the other shows a nativity scene in which Mary responds to Joseph’s concerns over a “bumpy rash” by saying “I swear, it was immaculately transmitted!”

“People should write letters to John Casteen until this publication is thrown off campus,” said O’Reilly. At one point O’Reilly began to read from Casteen’s letter to him. When he got to the first mention of Thomas Jefferson, O’Reilly stopped and said, “Thomas Jefferson would throw this publication off campus so fast.”

The Cavalier Daily is, of course, an independent student publication. There’s nothing that John Casteen can do no matter what they write. The paper’s ombudsman, Lisa Fleisher, addressed the topic a couple of days ago, concluding that there’s no need to apologize, but that the comics probably shouldn’t have been published because they’re just not particularly funny.

15 thoughts on “O’Reilly Takes on Casteen, Cav. Daily

  1. Actually, the note would indicate that the cartoon was voluntarily pulled by its creator. I’m not sure that President Casteen has any ability to influence what the Cavalier Daily does, as much as he and past presidents would like to (I imagine).

  2. Wrong again, dude. The CD occupies university space to make their productions, and is a contracted independent organization. Casteen can revoke their privileges and no longer allow them to use UVA land to produce their paper. He shouldn’t, but he could.

    Fact checking–I guess it’s just not something that happens in blogland…

  3. well, i am sure there would be an outrage from the Muslim community if someone made a comic about Mohammad. So nobody wins. There are still going to be people complaining. It is just a comic. Who cares? Does it really make you not sleep at night?

  4. I’ve never read the comic before. I’ll grant you the one about the immaculately transmitted rash sound pretty clear on what it’s talking about. I’d just like the context when I said what’s the big deal.

  5. without seeing the comics, I have to say the Cartesian plane/crucifixion one sounds kind of weak and without much of a point, but the immaculately transmitted rash makes perfect sense and I can see the humor in it.

  6. Interesting how it boiled down to What Would Jefferson Do? Invoking long gone forefathers seems to have the most importance to people who don’t know their history. Sad.

  7. FYI the CD pays rent for its offices, has a lease and is incorporated separately from UVA — so there literally is nothing Casteen could do.

  8. Bill shows his ignorance in regards to Jefferson. At a time in history when 99% of American colleges and universities only offered degrees in theology, TJ forbade the teaching of theology at his new University. I think if anything old Tom would have had a chuckle, not so much over the cartoons, but over the artificial controversy that followed.

    Censorship is a hallmark feature of religious fundamentalism, be it Christian, Islamic, or Jewish.

  9. i just read that the cav daily caved and “expressed regret” for the offensive comics. cowards.

  10. Blanco Nino – you’re right. Cowards. I’m really, really disappointed.

    I’m sure O’Really was tipped off to the ‘talking points’ by Faux managment, who were tipped off by their political buddies Dobson, Falwell, Wildmon, Perkins, et al.

    This is shameful – absolutely shameful – particularly for UVa, home of the “Free Speech Center” – the latter being much more in line with Jeffersonian heritage (from the VA Religious Freedom Statute to the “Letter to Danbury Baptists”) . Maybe they’ll award a self-muzzle award this year. Pathetic.

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