5 thoughts on “Schools Consider Color-Coded Foods”

  1. From the DP article: “In May 2004, the UVa Medical Center also started color-coding its vending machine snacks and drinks. Results from the first year of this program showed that sales of red items decreased 5 percent; the yellow rose 30 percent; and the green items increased 15 percent.”

    Is the “accelo-yellow” effect seen with traffic lights a universal phenomenon? This anecdote certainly supports it.

  2. It’s probably more that people can talk themselves down to the bag of “baked” Lays, but have a much more difficult time settling for the “Zero fat crackers.”

  3. I should note, as well, that at CHS the snack line is pretty much considered a second business for the school system in terms of giving them a financial boost. Cookies and chips are gonna sell a lot more than apples and Cliff bars.

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