Traffic Rates Climb with Housing Prices

In today’s Daily Progress, Brian McNeill looks at traffic data and finds that high housing costs are putting enormous pressure on a few roads that lead to the surrounding counties. VDOT’s numbers on travel time (516k PDF), comparing 2005 to 2001, show that traffic from the west on 250 increased by 25%, traffic from the north on 29 increased by 33%, and traffic on 53 doubled from 3,300 to 6,600 trips per day.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Rates Climb with Housing Prices”

  1. Yeah, but who cares about problems like traffic jams, overcrowded schools, pollution, and natural resources stretched to the breaking point? There’s money to be made! Yippee! Bring on the development!

    Come to think of it, that must be the motto of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors: “There’s money to be made!”

    Too bad the average Joe never sees a nickel of it. He has to dig deeper in his pocket to pay rocketing property taxes for the privilege of living in a place that is being rapidly degraded by developers.

  2. Afarid thats exactly how it is, Janis. And City Council isnt any better.
    They’ll not stop until every tree is cut down and everything paved over.

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