Huja, Edwards, Brown Nominated by Dems

City Democrats chose Satyendra Huja, Holly Edwards and Mayor David Brown as their nominees for Council, Bob Gibson writes in today’s Progress. The really surprising thing was how the numbers came in: Huja received 304 votes, Edwards 279, and Brown 261. Linda Seaman and Jennifer McKeever came in with 188 and 149, respectively.

Huja as top voter getter is particularly surprising because he has absolutely no history with the local Democratic Party which, I think, speaks very well of those who showed up to vote. Traditionally, the party wouldn’t give the time of day to a candidate who hadn’t “paid their dues.” I have to speculate that he was the first choice of few, but second or third choice for an enormous number of people, which paid off handsomely. This remarkably diverse ticket will make a formidable team for the general election, although it looks like local Republicans can’t even muster a single candidate to go up against them. If they’re not going to field candidates, maybe it’s time to give a thirty party a default place on the ticket (the Green Party?) and make Republicans gather signatures on a petition in order to secure a place on the ballot. Peter Kleeman, who is basically a Green, has secured enough signatures to appear on the ballot, so this may well just be a four-person race.

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