Albemarle solar tax break.

In planning to build a house, I’ve been researching incentives for solar and discovered that, since 10/2005, the county has exempted solar energy equipment from property taxes, under Sec. 15-1701 of the county code. They should expand this to all clean energy generation equipment and storage (turbines, battery arrays, inverters, etc.), but it’s a great start.  #

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  • Although it’s better than nothing, I wish Albemarle would institute a solar rebate program like the one in Austin, TX. In Austin, citizens installing new solar energy systems receive a rebate of $4 per watt. A 3kw system, which typically costs around $20,000-25,000 to install, would result in a $12,000 rebate. In addition, any excess power generated by the system can be “sold back” to the grid, resulting in even greater savings.

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