Mall Overhaul Planned

The thirty year old brickwork on the Downtown Mall is long overdue for replacement, Seth Rosen writes in today’s Progress, and the city plans to spend $1.72M to replace the bricks over the next four years. The two automobile crossings are in particularly bad shape — the physical infrastructure was never meant to routinely handle anything heavier than pedestrians. An employee in the city engineering department told me, many years ago, that the contractor who installed the brickwork in the first place failed to meet the spec, which dramatically shortened the lifespan of the surface. The brick replacement is just a small part of the $7.5M in planned improvements, which will include “buying new street furniture, upgrading underground utilities, adding new lighting and improving the surrounding landscaping.”

2 thoughts on “Mall Overhaul Planned”

  1. But… No one could have ever predicted that those automobile crossings would cause problems! No one I tell you!!

  2. I know my memory is often hazy, but wasn’t there a “plan” to fix te bricks 5 or 6 years ago? I seem to recall funds being appropriated. What ever happened with that?

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