2 thoughts on “Gunfight at Slick Rick Concert”

  1. Slick Rick with out Doug E. Fresh? That would piss me off too. Not that it would make me want to shoot anyone, but I can see why tensions might be high.

    In all seriousness, I am glad no one was hurt in this incident, and I feel for both the Satellite Ballroom and the Corner Parking Lot as this could seriously hurt their businesses financially. People will not feel safe going to these events or even parking their cars near these events if things like this continue to happen.

  2. I was at the show, but left about an hour before the shots were fired. Satellite Ballroom had a ton of extra security that night and were essentially repeatedly frisking anyone who even came near the front door. Hip-Hop shows have a bad reputation in Charlottesville as a magnet for gunfire (that’s why the old Tokyo Rose stopped doing them), and unfortunately some idiots often feel the need to live up to that unfortunate expectation… and in stark contrast to the positive vibes and good-times being elicited inside the venue.

    On that note: several times during the show, I found myself wishing that Doug E. Fresh was there, instead of a lame backing band made up of untalented 20-something white hipster kids. I saw Doug play up in NY about a year ago and he was phenomenal… one of the best performers I’ve ever seen in ANY genre (and this was at a show with at least 10 other huge Hip-Hop legends). By comparison, Rick was merely charming anfd od. Having Doug there would have brought a TON of well-needed energy to the show.

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