WAHS Teacher Indicted for Student Sex

Former Western Albemarle High School social studies teacher Neal Willetts has been indicted on federal charges of sexually exploiting children, Lisa Ferrari reports for CBS-19. The 26-year-old is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a total of eight students, including two at WAHS and one at Fluvanna. The most recent regional instance of similar charges came in the case of CHS’ Jonathan Spivey. Before that was Fork Union Military Academy’s Gregory Allen Moyer and, also in 2001, CHS teacher Jeffery Hutchinson.

3 thoughts on “WAHS Teacher Indicted for Student Sex”

  1. Do we have any idea how old these students were? I want to know before I decide whether I think this guy is evil or just irresponsible.

  2. I live in Abu Dhabi,and attend ACS this is very odd news for me. Although he was never my drama teacher, I did go to the same school (as you have read in the news it’s a high school of 150 students) So we all know each other. This news has shocked our community…

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