Scottsville Man Cops to Medical Marijuana

Scottsville’s Gary Peck has pleaded guilty to growing marijuana, but argues that it was for his sick wife, Liesel Nowak wrote in Tuesday’s Daily Progress. The man’s wife suffers from multiple sclerosis, which at least one study has demonstrated is helped considerably by the consumption of marijuana, leading to both short- and long-term relief of symptoms. The drug slows the death of nerve cells and protect existing nerve cells against damage, slowing the spread of the disease. Peck’s wife cited its effect on her appetite, which allows her to eat despite the nausea induced by her prescribed medications.

Peck was accused of growing $4.8M in weed, but that’s using the police’s “street value” logic, which is akin to determining the “street value” of a sack of flour by calculating how many wedding cakes it could make. The court determined $35k was a fairer value, apparently agreeing with the man’s attorney, who calculates that the haul would only yield a few pounds of smokable marijuana. Peck will be sentenced in July. He may well receive 30 years in prison.

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