Crackdown on Illegal Signs

Jim Duncan reports that Charlottesville, Albemarle, and VDOT are cracking down on signs planted in the right of way. As I’ve mentioned, these things really, really piss me off. The county tells me it’s not legal for individuals to tear them down, which means that taxpayer dollars have to be used to remove the things. (Or, as I’ve decided, I just need to be sneakier about destroying them.) Is it time to start a public shaming campaign?

5 thoughts on “Crackdown on Illegal Signs”

  1. Signs in the right of way piss me off, too. I didn’t know it wasn’t legal to rip them out.

    I guess that just leaves blasts from paintball guns.

  2. Just a couple of weeks ago I had my eye on a paintball marker, which I intend to buy (along with blue paintballs) explicitly for the purpose of covering up the phone numbers on those damned “we buy houses” signs that are plaguing the city.

    I certainly hope that the city didn’t just send this letter to real estate agents, but that they actually paid a visit to the assclown that’s illegally putting those signs up everywhere. I don’t even know how he’s doing it. Is he really leaning a ladder up against dozens of telephone poles, right next to the bypass, and hammering the signs in 15′ in the air?

  3. While they’re at it, can they also crack down on people who leave campaign signs in their yards for months after the election is over? If your guy won, great. Quit rubbing it in already. If your guy lost, suck it up and lose the sign. As much as you may feel otherwise, the sight of that plastic relic is not going to trigger a spontaneous recount or impeachment of the guy who won. It just makes you look like a douche. The same goes for bumper stickers. Police should start issuing tickets for out-of-date campaign stickers, just like they do for registrations and inspections.

  4. I hate the signs too. I don’t give a damn if it’s illegal to tear them out, I do it and will keep doing it.

    It should not be hard to prosecute those responsible, since the signs identify them, but I have a feeling it’ll never happen anyway.

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