Two Arrests in Henley Bomb Threat Case

CylinderCounty police issued a press release this afternoon (below) announcing the arrest of two Henley Middle School students in the bomb threat at Henley on Tuesday. Each has been charged with “constructing and/or placing a hoax explosive device,” and one has been charged with “threats to bomb or damage buildings.” With the press release came a screen capture from video taken of the cylinders that raised concern. The one pictured here was taped to a pole in front of Brownsville Elementary. Two other “round cylinders” (do they make ’em any other way?) were found on the roof of Henley and one on the corner of the building. The identity of the two kids isn’t being released, but it’ll be on MySpace within the hour, no doubt.


Albemarle County Police and Fire Marshals have arrested two Henley Middle School youths on multiple felony charges relating to Tuesday morning’s incident at Henley Middle and Brownsville Elementary Schools.

Both juveniles are under 14 years of age. Due to their age, no other identifying information can be released. They have each been charged with the below listed offenses:

Four felony charges of Constructing and/or placing a Hoax Explosive Device.

One of the juveniles is also being charged with two misdemeanor counts of Threats to Bomb or Damage Buildings. One of these charges relates to the March 20th threat incident at Henley Middle School.

Any further information about their legal status cannot be released.

All of the following information is being released to educate the community and to help them understand the seriousness of this incident and why it warranted the level of response that occurred from both public safety agencies and the School Division. Every bomb threat is a serious incident with serious consequences to everyone involved.

Attached is a picture of one of the items found at the schools. The picture is a round cylinder found taped to a pole in front of Brownsville ES. There were also two other round cylinders found at the northwest corner and on the roof of Henley Middle School.

In summary, there were three hoax devices found at Henley Middle School as well as one hoax device at Brownsville ES. There was also a written threat in a note at Henley MS.

Police Chief John Miller credited the involvement of the community with providing leads that assisted detectives in quickly making the arrests. “Due to the cooperative efforts of the community, schools and commonwealth attorney’s office together with the Police Department, the threat was immediately recognized and the investigation was resolved quickly and successfully” said Miller. ” We have done and continue to do everything that we can do to ensure the safety of our schools, students and community.”

“We share in the community’s frustration when these events occur and I’m pleased the Police Department brought this investigation to closure so quickly with the cooperation of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. By working cooperatively, we were able to very quickly get our schools back to our important daily work of teaching and learning,” said Dr. Pamela Moran, superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools.

This investigation is still ongoing . Any further questions concerning this incident or these arrests should be directed to the Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. If anyone has information about this case, they are asked to contact the Albemarle County Police Department at 296-5807.

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