“We Buy Houses” Signs

'We Buy Houses' SignSome assclown stuck these things along the road all over Albemarle County. I see a dozen when driving from Stony Point to Free Union. It’s illegal (ยง18-4.15.7), as it should be, and it’s promoting a scam, which is very illegal in itself. (See the National Consumer Law Center’s report, “Dreams Forclosed: The Rampant Theft of Americans’ Homes Through Equity-Stripping Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Scams.”) Do these “We Buy Houses” and “Lose Weight Fast” jerks get prosecuted by our esteemed commonwealth’s attorney Jim Camblos, or this one of those optional laws? Should we all call 989-2622 to wish these spammers well?

5 thoughts on ““We Buy Houses” Signs”

  1. If only that were so. I’d love to see a local paper call up the above scammer, or one of the many others in the area, and conduct an undercover investigation of the scam and how it works. That’d be an awesome story.

    Maybe we’ll have to wait for the Cavalier Daily to resume publication. I’m afraid they’re probably the only publication in the area with the nerve for that sort of thing.

  2. Wow. I was always in Tim’s boat, figuring they were real estate speculators of one sort or another. Thanks for this heads-up.

  3. I’ve seen those signs. And everytime I’ve seen them I’ve always thought, “Carlton Sheets- No money down” get rich quick program (which is also a scam). So yeah, those signs scream “scam.”

    And good point, where is Jim Camblos on this one? Still looking for another Unibomber in our school kindergardens?

  4. I love that “optional laws”. Apparently putting oneself forward as a clinical psychologist despite not having a license which is illegal in this state is one of those optional laws too, because Jim Camblos has done nothing about it despite being informed by the state licensing board of the violation a long time ago.

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