C-Ville Weekly’s TV Spots

Here’s something new to our market (I think) — TV ads for a print publication. (Though who can forget The Hook’s possibility unintentionally funny radio spot from back when that paper first launched?) C-Ville‘s two spots were put together by Johnny St.Ours. My favorite:

Two points to the first person who can name the location where each ad was filmed.

10:30pm Update: The Hook points out that they have TV ads, too. In case it’s not totally obvious, I can’t pick up any local TV stations from my home, what with there being a mountain the way.

8 thoughts on “C-Ville Weekly’s TV Spots”

  1. Waldo, how can you forget the Daily Progress’s awesome 80s-style TV commercials that were still running just a couple of years ago (and might still be running now for all I know). I always wanted my band to learn the song from them: “… [something], movies, classifieds, we print it all with lots of pride …” and then a bitchin’ guitar lick. I can’t be the only one who remembers.

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