Local Channels on DirecTV?

Tired of not getting TV reception on the north slope of the Southwest Mountains, my wife and I recently got DirecTV. We were surprised to discover that the channels that we really wanted — NBC, PBS, and Fox — weren’t provided. Neither were ABC or CBS. Due to crappy federal legislation, we need to pay $1.50/channel to get these stations, though only after being granted permission to get them. Apparently, DirecTV has to ask NBC 29 and Fox 27 if they’ll let me get NBC and Fox out of New York or L.A. The stations have the right to say “no,” and I’m told that there’s nothing that I can do about it. The process takes about 45 days.

Surely others in the area have dealt with this. There’s no way for me to get local stations? Is there any way that I can accelerate the process of getting these stations from NYC or L.A., or at least be assured that I’ll get my permission slip?

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