12 thoughts on “North Grounds Connector Opens”

  1. wow i am shock. I didn’t see any protestors when this was being considered? Didn’t UVa know that this will not decrease traffic to the new arena? I have studies that can prove that. Didn’t they know that we should encourage more people to ride their bikes to work?

  2. IamDaMan3…. the North Grounds Connector is set back in the war against the car in the city. Im sure they have more from their traffic policy from hell to get things a little bit slower some where else around town. Maybe they will demand a butterfly interchange, a golden overpass, and a man that can walk on water before they proceed with their portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway.

  3. Why in the world would anyone complain about this road? It didn’t cost you a dime, it was paid for by donation given to UVA. This is a good new road. It will take traffic from UVA events and put them on a road better able to handle the traffic. Since VDOT didn’t construct this road it was built five months ahead of schedules. VDOT was involved in the process but did not control it.

    More people will not ride there bikes to work. We have more lanes than ever and no more bikers as a percentage of population. Please run a canidate for office that has biking to work as a major plank.

  4. For the last three years I have walked from Old Ivy Road to Massie to the North Grounds rec center usually several times a week, and when I first saw a route map for the NG Connector I couldn’t believe it: how did they propose to get a road through that narrow, wooded canyon? Little did I know what backhoes and earth movers can do. They cleared out most of the trees in a couple of days last year and then set about terraforming.

    I’m not usually a fan of development but I have to say they did a beautiful job. They added landscaping, paths, and ornamental lights that go beyond mere functionality. The road has a kind of retro feel to it, too–sort of like the Pasadena Freeway in L.A. (first one ever built).

  5. And the first limited access road was a tollway on Long Island, NY, I think. The NY’er mag had a long article on it back when they had long articles. You can still walk on parts of it, drive on other parts.

    As for the North Grounds Connector Road (four full words), I weep for the trees and creek and small bleating critters. It should have been built on pylons like in Switzerland. How’s the Rivanna Trail there now? It parallels the inside of the Bypass from Ivy Road to Barracks Road, goes by an old dam.

  6. I’m going to echo a point that Jim Duncan made on his blog:

    This is what happens when government is not involved in a construction project (for better or worse)

    Government money was not involved with this project and it was completed five months early.

    If VDOT had been involved with this project it probably would’ve taken 3 times as long, and cost 4 times as much.

  7. I have one complaint on the new north grounds connector. Although it has a well-markde crosswalk for the Rivanna Trail, I cannot figure out where the Trail actually connects to the well-marked crosswalk. The crosswalk ends in a fifty foot mound of dirt on either side of the connector.

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